World Music Therapy Day was pitched to the World Congress of Music Therapy in Japan in 2017, as a day to unite the efforts of music therapists and their supporters. We shared Record Store Day as a model of an industry with low margins and minimal resources, but which has grown over ten years into a massive event that music fans eagerly await each year. In its first year, World Music Therapy Day involved participants from 24 countries in 15 languages. 

We continue to work with the World Federation of Music Therapy to guide the promotions and organization of the event, held March 1st every year. Charity Agency has connected prominent global brands to WMTD to support with social media campaigns through their influential channels.

Kudos to Chris Brandt of Charity Agency for nourishing our fledgling event into one with global impact. Chris is a dynamic person with vision, acumen, and the energy to create positive change. In sharing his ideas and experience with the World Federation of Music Therapy, he has helped to transform our promotion of World Music Therapy Day. Now held on 1st March each year, the day provides the perfect platform for music therapists around the world to showcase their work. Chris, what can we say but ‘thank you!’

Dr. Anita Swanson and Ms. Angela Harrison, WFMT Council Members

View statistics of the 2019 #WorldMusicTherapyDay campaign


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