There are over 87,000 registered charities in Canada (and that's just the ones that can offer a tax receipt - there's over 180,000 if you count all non-profits). Most of them are simply not very good at telling their own story. That's not a criticism - their focus should be on saving the world. They are all competing for the same donation dollar. At the end of the day, they are all selling the same thing to their donors - a story.


We can teach you to sell yours better. 

Businesses focus on building brand confidence or consumer confidence. For charities, the focus is donor confidence. The strategies are not that different. 

Charity staff often have a lot on their plate. We can help. 

"They were absolutely fantastic and a wealth of knowledge. He was very patient teaching us how to improve our social media platform and about using Facebook and Twitter. Chris is a tremendous asset and has my highest recommendation."

~ Diana, Shelter Net BC

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