• Chris Brandt

EventChain Launches Charitable Program

Event Ticketing platform EventChain is excited to launch their charitable initiative, which is dedicated to helping nonprofits maximize their income from fundraising events.

The program is open to registered charities around the world.

EventChain will waive 100% of admin fees for a charity's first event where they sell tickets through the platform. For subsequent events, 10% of admin fees will be donated back to the charity.

The most unique feature of the program is that any 3rd party who is throwing a fundraising event for their favourite charity can also direct 10% of their admin fees to the charity.

If you work for a nonprofit organization, click here to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity to increase your fundraising at your next event.

EventChain is the world's first event ticketing platform built on Blockchain. It is also the only ticketing supplier in the world that accepts cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods like credit card and PayPal.

Charity Agency is proud to have worked with EventChain to build their first corporate social responsibility program.


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